Moving Abroad

So you have decided that working abroad sounds like a good option – and it really is! There are many reasons why people choose to work abroad, whether for family reasons, lack of opportunities to work at home or just for a bit of adventure.

But the problem many people face when they first start thinking about moving abroad to work is how to start. Here is a brief look at some of the most important things you can do when you first start planning how to change your life forever by working abroad.

Think about your current position

First of all, you need to take a close look at your current position. Are you happy and enjoy life? If so, what is the main reason why you want to leave first of all? Do you have dependants? Will you have to leave work or will you be able to continue working remotely?

Try to find out what your motives for moving abroad are before you really start making a plan – you may even find that you are rushing to things.

Where do you want to be?

The next step is to think about what you want to achieve when you move abroad. What is the life you want to live, the reason you are going to live? If you don’t live the lifestyle you live in today, what is that lifestyle?

Do you also mean any specific countries or destinations? Are you looking for a year-round sun, something completely different, or something similar to the British one, so that you don’t get too excited at home? Do you want to travel around the world or to another country in Europe?

Consider whether you really will be able to enjoy the lifestyle you are looking for in the place you have chosen. You may be surprised by the cost of living or quality of life in this place when you do a little more research.


There will be many changes in your life when you move abroad, and you should consider all this before buying a flight ticket.

You need to look at your responsibilities at home as well as your current job:

  1. Will you give up work?
  2. Do you have savings to get to work?
  3. Are there any tasks at work that you can’t just leave behind?
  4. Can you really move your family abroad because you want to leave?
  5. Do you have to pay your rent or mortgage?
  6. Will you sell or keep your property or rent it?
  7. Are you bound by a tenancy agreement?

These are all the questions you will have to ask yourself before you decide to work abroad.

Your job

It is a great choice for people going to work abroad. What exactly will you do to earn money?

If you have any skills, is there a need for these skills in the place you plan to go to? Will you be greeted in the country or will you be turned back? Working online is another great option, but can you transfer your skills to work online?

Will you be able to continue working for your current foreign employer or is it unrealistic?

You will need to have a good idea of how to earn money from abroad before you leave, because otherwise your trip can be shortened much faster.

Starting work

There are many issues to consider before deciding to go abroad to work. Some things will have to be postponed, but other things can be done immediately.

Research is the best thing to do right from the start. Explore your location, places of work, average earnings, local language and visa requirements to get started. Read as much as possible about your destination. You may have a misleading idea of your destination and you may discover that a work visa will not be achievable or that you can only stay at your destination for three months if you want to stay for a year or longer.

Start research today, starting to analyze your situation, and this will help you start organizing things in your mind and see if this is the best decision for you at the moment.

Time flies and the desire for exploration will never disappear.

I couldn’t say how many times I swore to myself that I would do something and then either never do it or ‘changed my mind’ at the last minute. We are all to blame because we are all dreamers, and yet most of us are too afraid to make this initial leap of faith.

It is difficult to make such drastic decisions, especially when it means that your life can change dramatically and dramatically. After all, you feel infinitely safer in our comfort zones.

The natural thing for us is the desire for adventure. We are descendants of a nomadic race of people who would necessarily be in constant motion. Nowadays, thanks to our modern amenities and facilities, there is no other real reason to travel than to get to know new cultures.

We all talk about it, about years of break and perfect directions, the opening of a beach bar and life on an island in the southern hemisphere – this is something we all love to dream and wait for, although we rarely call for action.

You want adventures

Life becomes monotonous and can make you feel unfulfilled if you don’t catch it by the horns and at least try all the things you want. When you’re old and gray, as you approach your last breath, you want to look back with little regret and remember the many exciting moments you’re proud of.

If you move abroad, you will be able to experience new things, create unprecedented opportunities and share your life with people you wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to meet.

Discover who you really are

Travelling really broadens the mind. It sounds like a tired and abused stereotype, but until you’re in a foreign world, you’ll never understand what it means.

Go abroad to go well and truly beyond the comfort and catapult zone into an exciting world of possibilities that will try to test you. In the end, you will feel fulfilled and inspired. Moving abroad is one of the most effective ways to discover who you are, what you are capable of and what you really want in this life.

Satisfy a curious hunger

Have you ever wondered how it would be to live in a country where everyone else speaks a different language than you? Do you want to learn a new language and experience the immense pleasure of telling a joke and making you laugh among people you wouldn’t otherwise encounter?

You must squeeze in there and immerse yourself in a world of unique experiences and foreign tastes. Only when you leave the comfort zone will you be able to really appreciate the perspectives of others living in a completely different world than you.